Exit 1

After a whole lot of dilly-dallying, three scrapped WordPress blogs and nonsensical text messages reminding me to write dammit, write!, here is the post that just had to be written. I needed to hammer the words out of my brain for this post; just goes to show how rusty I am with all this creative writing business.

Write, delete. Write, delete. Write some more, delete some more.

A frustrating cycle, yes, but eventually, the pieces begin to fall together.

It’s nice to start writing for myself again, after a year wallowing in standard articles, press releases, reports – the works, the doldrums. I am a writer by heart, a frivolous, superfluous and frolicsome writer at that. Well-placed adjectives always brighten my day. That and it lengthens even the skinniest reports, for shame, that I come up with. Tah, elementary my dear Watson.

This first post is done and over with.


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