2/52: Funnies

Yeah, blog a week my foot. This post is approximately 3 weeks behind. I wrote two lines then left the draft to rot and die. I am paying for my lapses by not being able to finish anything at work. The blog a week gods have a nasty sense of humor :/

On a related note, the topic I conveniently ‘forgot’ to do was this: Who are the three funniest people in the world? Who are the three funniest people you know personally?

My first answer: the first three persons you see, other than me.  That was me trying to be funny and failing miserably. Sorry /shoots self

The first two names that comes into mind are Jim Parsons and Steve Carrell. Jim Parson’s portrayal of Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory is nothing short of amazing. His interactions with the other characters in the series, especially with Penny, are made of comedic win. Steve Carrell? Brilliant. Anyone who can keep a straight face while this is going on is not normal:

The last person that I find funniest is actually my 11-year old cousin, Justin. The amazing thing about this kid is that he’s comfortable around adults. He easily holds his ground in conversations with grown-ups, an activity that I find particularly daunting. I swear, the kid can strike up a conversation with anyone. And he’s really funny too. He likes telling his little jokes in front of an audience and he says the funniest things. He’s like an 11-year old grandpa when he talks. It’s probably genetics – his parents are just as funny – but I think it’s his curiosity and, at the risk of sounding too cheesy, his innocence, that makes him the funny and endearing kid that he is.

When he was young, he could not speak Tagalog straight. He mangled several beloved mangled Tagalog poems, songs and phrases, most notable of which is the “Bengkiya? Bengya!” (translated: “Game ka na ba? Game na?). He idolized the F4 during his early elementary days and got around to performing their songs during family gatherings. He volunteered to sing during our cousin’s wedding – after threatening to throw a tantrum if his mother dared to stop him. Oh yeah, the kid has guts.

He’s a lot more mature now – he’s a big brother already, after all. He’s learned the guitar and I am proud to say that he is getting into books lately. He posted a picture of his growing book collection on my Facebook wall recently. Hallelujah! Years of book campaigns and promotions have finally worked!

I am more than happy to supply him my share of books. He has just one particular aversion though – Neil Gaiman.

“Why won’t you read Gaiman? I have his book here!”

“Gay-man. GAY-MAN. He’s gay!”

One day, I will successfully shove The Graveyard Book down his throat. One day.


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