Quick press, quick melt

One of these days, me and the Universe are going to sit down and talk. The first thing I’m going to ask is this: UNIVERSE, Y U NO GIVE ME INSPIRATION TO WORK? LIEK SRZLY?!!

Nothing is really wrong with work. I’m just having one of those lullzy moments where I can’t focus on my work, no matter how dangerously high they pile up. Inspiration can not come at a much better time, but the way things are going, it has already left for the weekend. Aside from that, all is glorious.

Last month, I found out that I was being moved a few rungs higher in the office hierarchy. Major ego boost. Salary wise, I just leapfrogged over five other people who previously had higher salaries than me. I’d give an evil laugh for dramatic effect but schadenfreude is not my thing.

Hallo tharr, peasants

Trips are back as well! I got sent to Dakak last May (and I still have to write something about. Backlogs hate meeee!) and later this week, I’ll be going to Tagaytay with my officemates for our teambuilding  It’s my first time to go to Tagaytay and if I could, I’d do a thousand cartwheels – that’s how excited I am.

My boss also seems intent on hauling my ass away from the computer. A few weeks back, I gave a talk/session/lecture on basic blogging. It was, in one word, uncomfortable. I didn’t feel that I was the right person for the job and I had major botched up moments. But cheers for the experience – you are so going into my resume. I’m also going to speak in some training and planning sessions in our office. Just small parts, nothing really big. I’m going to have to prepare for these over the next week because I realize that there are just some things you can not wing.

No place for arrogance and cockiness anymore. I hope to God that I can do an exemplary job, especially now that my responsibilities has increased. I have got a long way to go, that much I can see now.

For a start, I need to learn how to work out of habit, not out of inspiration /mulling throughout the weekend.


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