Here Be My Own Laptop (Which May Be A Dragon If You Squint)

Just bear with me for a while. Please indulge me as I try to get out of my system the sheer joy of finally having in my hands my very own laptop. Yessir, I am typing this blog post on my baby, which took me roughly around two years to labor for.

What’s in a name? Ten, Sherlock, Virtue, Cumberlord?

I kid you not when I say that this little (no, not small at all at 14 inches) baby of mine was a labor of love. Laugh if you will, but aiming to buy a laptop was the closest thing that I ever came to actually having a goal and a direction in life. For a time, every single thing that I did was a calculated step towards the 20k mark – I took on odd jobs here and there, went berserk on Odesk and scrimped every cent that I could get away with. Despite the whirlwind of activities, I never felt more satisfied than when I was spending my Saturdays correcting essays, knowing that every hour was well spent.

It was during this time that I felt a sort of kinship with Koyuki Tanaka of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad fame. He too was driven to work like crazy for a guitar he truly wanted. It may reflect badly on my social skills that I would turn to an anime character for solace, but Koyuki did inspire me. He got the guitar waaaay earlier than I got my laptop. But hey Koyuki-kun, we did it!!

I do feel happy and fulfilled. As if I could now tender in my resignation and live the life. Lolz, just kidding. It just feels satisfying that my hard work paid off, reaping the fruits of your toil, yada, yada. I now believe that I should set more goals for 2012. And watch Beck to get inspired all over again, ha!

Anyhow, after encountering a host of driver problems, which no amount of Googling could solve because I am such a noob, the Laptop (hereto still unnamed) is now running the way it should be. Its audio occasionally conks out, but I think it has to do with updating thingies.

I’m also getting used to the novelty of no longer squinting at the screen. It. Is. Huge. Compared to the netbook my office issued to me, that is. And the keyboard. Chiclet keys! A bit too widely spaced for me, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before my left pinky gets used to it.

I’ll end this here, before I go overboard and be melodramatic.


6 thoughts on “Here Be My Own Laptop (Which May Be A Dragon If You Squint)

  1. Nice baby, Jas! As you said, a labor of love. The tangible manifestation of hardwork. This inspires me to work harder, so I can get my – ehem, baby as well. Hopefully, this year tambien. Tehee!

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