Under Black Flags We March

One of my responsibilities at work is to keep monthly tabs on the progress of the programs we implement. It is a painstaking job because I do not have the eye nor the patience for details. There is a certain charm to it, though. The neatness, the balance of targets and accomplishments figures and the satisfaction of tying loose ends.

So, in the case of life imitating the workplace, I’ve decided to make keep monthly goals for myself. Nothing big, mind you. Just simple tweaks in the usual routine which will hopefully give me a bit of direction, turn me into a happier person and make my 2012 more productive.

Plus, I really like crossing items off a written list, so this should be fun :)

Here are my goals for March. I am starting this a tad bit late because I could not muster the energy to make my list. Old habits die hard. LOL.

  1. Be on time. As much as possible, be at the work place before 8 AM.
  2. Be more involved with work – though I really have no idea how to quantify work ‘involvement’. I’ll have to think more about this later.
  3. Jog at least two times a week.
  4. Read one book. Pathetic, I know :)
  5. Clean and organize my room.
I’ll start with small goals and go from there. I need to focus, scatterbrained goose that I am. So focus I shall.

6 thoughts on “Under Black Flags We March

    • That’s why they’re called goals. Resolutions are so final. With goals, if you can’t meet them, you can always try again. Dapat lang, I’ve failed #1 so many times already. Lols.

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