Do Not Take Pictures Of The Saints Or As Your Background

This wasn’t my first trip to Cebu City. This was, however, the first time that I had to sponsor every single aspect of the trip, both for me and my mother – tickets, food, lodging and yes, shopping expenses. Travelling is a lot more expensive than I anticipated and I made a serious dent in my savings that would probably take years to recover. This April, bills will come to haunt whatever is left of my wallet.

Still, there’s no denying the satisfaction of seeing your mother enjoying herself and shopping her heart out. Credit bills be damned.

The one thing that we didn’t get to do was go to Bohol, which was the motivation behind the entire trip. Going to Bohol required a 2-hour boat ride and this was something that my mother was still very hesitant to do. So instead of scouring the local tourist spots of Cebu, we spent our vacation bustling between SM and Ayala Center. Lol. What a waste, yes?

The only non-shopping related stop that we did was when we visited the Taoist Temple. The guards at the temple had a grand time shushing and shooing us away – apparently, there are certain areas there that are off limits to girls attempting to take artsy-fartsy photos.

Some photos after the jump

Backpack, backpack. Never leave home without it.

We like to tell people that we took this photo in Singapore instead of Cebu

With the Mother

Great Wall of China daw :D

Flavored ice. How was I to know that honey had no color?

And of course, here are my laughable attempts at artsy-fartsy shots.


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