In Your Face, So Says The Lord

Honestly, my title is not meant to be blasphemous.

I got a gentle nudge from Himself today. While in Davao, I kept texting my mother – don’t worry, I’ll be home on the 30th. Ma, my flight will arrive at 3 pm.

To which, my mom will always reply, God willing.

See, I kept saying this will happen, I will do this, we will do that. I kept taking things in my own hands. I’m a Power Ranger, I’m a superwoman. See me work, hear me roar.

So, wasn’t it a pleasant shock when I got to the airport and learned that my flight got cancelled?

In your face, Jas.

It was a gentle reminder and a gentle rebuke. Hey, little girl. It’s not your call.

After that humbling lesson, Himself still made a way for me. Everything still fell into place without me lifting a finger. Instead of a connecting flight via Manila on the next day, I got waitlisted and was given the very last available seat on another flight leaving that very afternoon for Zamboanga. To top it off, a fellow passenger who was waitlisted as well was very sympathetic – she gave me some food and coffee during the flight.

In your face, Jas. But don’t worry, dearling, I got it all covered. I’ll still get you home.

I am grateful for the gentle reminder. See how I emphasize gently. I could have been really stranded in Davao, with only one grand left in my pocket. But thankfully, I am home.

I hope I can have my relationship with God back. Another shot, perhaps?

I’ve got a paper for work to finish. I’ve got a life to live. I’ve got dreams to travel. But I am tired of trying to get everything done by myself.

So Lord, with your grace, help me to entrust my life and dreams to you.

Pagod na ako. Ikaw na bahala.


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